Deadeus 1.2! - More Fixes, More Music

Here again!

First of all I want to apologise that another patch was even needed. Me and a pretty large group of people tested the game, through and through for a few weeks before release but as mentioned before I guess these things happen. It has been overwhelming to see the response and thoroughly nerve wracking watching the longer streams of games for fears that they might run into breaks. A few of them did and in all honesty I'm grateful for it as it gave me clear problems to fix. Some players seemed to enjoy it in spite of the problems (And others used the bugs to get certain endings, the clever buggers!)

Bug Fixes:

(Some of this may contain spoilers for the game, if you haven't played it yet maybe come back to this after)

  • Prisoner Bug - This one was found just after I uploaded the last patch which is infinitely frustrating but it should be all fixed now. The issue here was that you could kill the prisoner over and over breaking the narrative in an obvious way, but more importantly it could be used to break one of the endings. The problem was that unlike most of the other characters in the world this characters trigger isn't actually on his body. When the player kills him, it removes this body trigger but the blank trigger wasn't taken into account allowing you to do it multiple times.
  • Exile Bug - This was a very small one but the Exile character would still say that he had to bust his friend out even if he didn't do so.
  • Library Dad Bug - This bug meant that if you had killed the father in the library on day 1 or 2 he would still reappear on subsequent days. This obviously broke the narrative but also it breaks one of the endings if the characters can come back. The issue here was that for some reason I had split his death trigger into the 3 days and he was one of the few characters to have this. I'm not sure why I did it that way but I reduced it back down to a single trigger and check and now it works across all the days.
  • Diary - This was another small thing. Diary entries would get added to the girls book even if she wasn't there. It was bothering me so I patched that out.
  • Fixed Mom Ending Triggers - This one was really heart breaking for me. I had worked everything out so the game takes into account which characters were and weren't missing and so when a streamer I was watching said "I wonder if the developer took that into account?..." It felt awesome because I had. BUT when the streamer went through with everything and found the break I was gutted. The issue here was that there were two variables working on the same problem "****** Killed" and "****** Dead" and there was a mix up in the variable check, meaning that even though it was all in there the player wasn't seeing it. It's fixed now.
  • Fixed Sacrifice Ending - This was a strange one and a dumb mistake. A certain variant of a certain ending didn't have the room trigger on it so it would never leave that screen, breaking that ending completely. This was just a missing piece of code. Its fixed now.
  • Music - NOW, This was a tough one for me and the musician I feel. Stoo Busby is an incredible talent when it comes to music. When we worked on this, I gave him the rom and he worked everything else and hit the mood and tone perfectly AND did it in .Mod files which I'm told are a complete nightmare to work in. I can't thank him enough for his amazing work. When he initially came back to me with the music pass he had around 30 pieces of audio for the game, which was a staggering amount, and he raised the good point that maybe the houses should be silent, That it helped with the creepy atmosphere. I did and still do agree with him 100% but on putting it out to the public it became clear for a variety of reasons that opinions were mixed on the issue. Some people thought it was broken, others were sad that there wasn't more music but it was kind of tough because the decision was always intentional. 

    After discovering that I needed to patch the game again Stoo decided to add more music and sounds in again now that we had extra time to do so. I think he found an awesome middle ground. Some of the houses are now silent, others have brand new music. There are brand new sound effects for certain actions and new orderings for other pieces of music that I thing work out much better. After the very positive reception to the music I'm excited to see what people think of the new tracks.

So, once again. I am sorry that another patch was needed again so soon! Hopefully another won't be needed at least for a little while. It has been really exciting to see everyone enjoying the game and I still can't get over how many people have downloaded it. It makes me all the more excited to work on my next couple of projects!



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Aug 29, 2019
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Aug 29, 2019

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If I purchased the is the file the 1.2 file or is there a separate download. Also is the physical copy going to have the updated version? 

You should only be able to download 1.2 now and the physical version will essentially be a 1.3 version as I am currently tweaking further for physical release

Can't open the Zip file in MyBoy😥

Unzip the first zip file and then run the internal zip folder in MyBoy. That should work