Deadeus 1.1! - Minor Bug Fixes

Hello all!

An error was discovered in the game that me or the folks who helped me with testing hadn't found before release!

It's definitely a stressful time watching someone play through your game and possibly run into something but thankfully its mostly been solid. I can't thank all the people who tested early builds enough for that.

Bug Fixes

  • Couple bug! - I originally hadnt accounted for the fact a player might only steal ONE of the allotment flowers and the functions were coded for if either NONE of the flowers had been taken or ALL of them had. I found the issue, patched it up and tested it. Should be all fine now! This potentially broke a few of the endings if left.
  • Best Friend position bug! - This one was also found on a live stream and although it miiiiight have been a passable thing it has now been patched up as it was an easy enough bug to catch. This one has been vague as it pertains to spoilers in the late game

If any of you run into anything whilst playing the game please feel free to reach out to me and I will jump on it when and where I can. It has been an absolute pleasure seeing people enjoy my game and anything to help further that I am more than happy to do! One last point, A few of the things you may run into during your play through are known issues and more faults of the original hardware than a purely developmental error. This includes things like sprite layering and screen shake overlap. I feel like these are just quirks of the tools I was working with. Please don't think I'm being rude if I can't fix these things or think I'm shying from criticism, I'm honestly happy to hear any and everything you have to say!

Enjoy the game! 


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Aug 24, 2019
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Aug 24, 2019

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I find a bug, I wanted to reset my GB and press A + B +Select + Start and the map begins to flick in the screen, and when exit the map, the character apears in  random tile out of the playable zone, later I notice what no need to press the four buttons, this hapend if press B + Select or B + Start.

The husband's, ah, ghost talks about how nice it is to have a wife. That I already [redacted]. There is an option to redact him too, though nothing happens because he's already, well...

Is that in this 1.1 patched version or the original?

I downloaded it today so I suppose it's 1.1

Ill test this out tonight and sort a fix in the week. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

Found the issues, think I fixed them. Testing tonight and will upload tomorrow

Sorry! I've found one more thing in my quest to find a certain ending. This father has a weird property where he just returns to life the next two days over, and does count for it each time. Imagine my surprise with the 37 ending after encountering the message "0 skins remain" twice haha...

This was such a treat to play, I adored the eerie feeling when it dawned on me there were three different rituals I could follow with all the items I had... easily available. In the end my first playthrough was just making the girl happy. after that though the gloves were off lol

I didn't even read the sign until after I stole the flowers :(

hahaha! If you stole BOTH of the flowers you shouldnt have run into this bug so you should have been fine. Did you run into any trouble??

None so far

Perfik <3