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This is the first time I have ever tried to put a game together. This is a very broken early version of the game that I pushed out for the LowRezJam but ill definitely be returning to it in the future to finish off everything I had planned.

As much of a frankenstien mess as this game is in its current state I definitely learnt alot over this jam and i'm excited to make the next game a little better.

I'm definitely open to comments and criticism on this

Game rules:

Ever the gator enthusiast your player has gotten into the alligator enclosure to give them a heckin' good petting. In Gatatoucha you gain points by petting a gator but whilst touching a gator it is a game of chicken between you and them. The longer you touch the more points you gain but the more likely the gator is to snap back! Also avoid stepping on the gator tails and it will make them jump and attack instantly.


Arrow Keys: - Move player

Z Key:- Touch

R Key:- Reset game

Known Issues:

  • At the moment there isn't enough threat - The gators will eventually move and attack rarely without being touched first. This will be fixed at a later time
  • Touching bug - you can currently touch and then walk away whilst still holding down touch, this will cause a gator to attack whilst outside of range. This will be fixed at a later time
  • Touch spam - You can currently break the game by spamming the touch button as it resets the internal touch timer. This will be fixed at a later time
  • The training room currently doesnt work. The stuffed gator will be coded at a later date.

Additions to come:

  • SOUND!!
  • Due to the deadline I had to cut an endgame animation that would have involved the crowd. 
  • Moving Gators. At the moment they don't move but I want to add it in to increase the threat in the game.
  • Multipliers. I want to add in a score bonus for each gator touched in sequence
  • diminish touch over time. I want it so you cant spam the same gator over time and each time you touch them it reduces the internal timer by a little.

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This is fantastic as a first-try attempt - honestly, I've played literally tens of thousands of indie games, and this bodes well for your first go at it!

This is fantastic! There's a lot of potential here and I really look forward to seeing this progress. The first time a gator chomped down on me I nearly lept outta my socks!

My only suggestion given the things you are still working on is to give the gators some sort of visual clue to let the player know how close they are to getting chomped. Maybe the closer the gator is to chomping the more points the player gets for touching them (risk vs reward). As it is right now it feels random as to when a gator will attack!