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I just found this and played the demo and need all of it now... Is this still being worked on, god please say yes.

Oh noes!  What will happen to the developement?  Will an outsider be allowed to finish the game one day?  

No, I will return to it one day

Cool!   I have actually been hopeful for this one! 

I Purchased Deadeus form Incube8 and its amazing. Love a more horror/adult game on Game Boy.  I then saw this and was gutted when i read you were not pursuing it.  This latest comment from you has me hopeful.    


Was excited for this one - sorry to hear its getting scrapped!


It was awesome!


Hey thanks man! Love your youtube channel! 

I think this version of the game is a little dead in the water but I think im gonna move it over to GBA and take what I learned from this to make a different GB/GBC game

Looks really nice!!  Hopefully see this on on a future Evercade cart?

Hey there! Thanks! Honestly probably not, I think this is as far as this version of the game will go but who knows in the future!

absolutely beautiful work. Really setting the bar for those of us out there working on games! 

in agreement with everyone, the artwork is stunning. real top of crop kind of visuals. amazing character sprites as well, i like the utilization of double actors for one sprite. shoutouts to gb studio as well his team has made it possible for many people to create games, thank you

Fantastic Demo :) Im a bit concerned how you will handle combat since GBstudio doesnt have great tools for that but regardless Im looking forward to the game :)

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Are those larger sprites now natively supported um gb studio or is this some kind of engine magic? Looks incredible!

Hey there!

Its now a function of GBS3 called metasprites :) its pretty simple to work with in that version of the program but I will warn that you can very quickly run into sprite limit issues which is what happened to me haha!

amazing art! Loved the armless king. Your work is truly inspiring :D

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Really beautiful artwork! And a great sense of flow between story and gameplay. Reminds me of a PS2 game named 'Blood will tell'. In that you were samurai that lost his body parts and had to defeat demons to reclaim them. Each body part gave you new abilities (the game was even in black and white until you reclaimed your eyes from memory). Anyway, fantastic work!

Top tier graphics on this, can't wait for the full release

IZMA's at it again!

Ooo yessss, been lookin' forward to this.

I'm hyped already!!!

I loved Deadeus and i love this demo even more!

I think you've made great progress in game developpement. The animations and graphics are amazings.

Anyway, i can't wait to play more to Severen!